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2nd Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.


I am no longer fearful. I am powerful, I am loving, I have good judgment

So these next five DeVos are all about PRESENT CALLING. We have been saved by God for eternity, and His calling is for today. Christians are not called to just talk about God’s word, we are called to ACT upon it! Like our King, Jesus. All of us have struggled at some time with fear. Anxieties are real. I will not dismiss them. I do want to state clearly what this scripture says about you and I and what we have been given to combat fear and to be effective for Christ. Right up front, God says to us, This fear you have?? It’s not from me. So who is it from? Satanic voice, our own voice, others' opinions. Only ONE voice is for our greater good, and that is God’s voice. Here is what HE says he has given us:

1.) Power

  • The Greek word for power is where we get our word for dynamite. Dunamas. God has given us DYNAMITE POWER. That is serious!

2.) Love

  • Agape love. God love. Not your love, but God’s love imputed or put into you! We love others with the love God has given us.

3.) Sound Judgment

  • To have self-control. To have a clear understanding.

Let’s put all of these together. Imagine having incredible dynamite power while at the same time exercising self-control and clear understanding driven only by your agape love for others. WOW! A powerful, objective, caregiver of people and their situation.



  • How does the world define great leadership?

  • How does the Bible define a great leader?

  • Think about some big decisions you have made. How would they be different with this skill set of power, love, and self-control?

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